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Антоний Александрович Рейнеке-Григорьев

Восточная Пруссия

Ужасы, которые оставила после себя Красная Армия.

Brother & sister?,

He maybe 2 or 3 years old, shot point blank in the head, his little sister, 2 or 3 years old , right arm severed, deep bayonet wound in the left chest, pants yanked down and apparently raped to death.
There are many more photos extant, locked safely away and "classified" (the inhuman arrogance !!) somewhere at the headquarters of the International Red Cross in Switzerland.

In late 1944 the Russians broke into the first German village in East Prussia, Nemmersdorf.

Under the direction of their Jewish-Bolshevik commissars they murdered, raped & looted on a scale heretofore unheard of.
This photo shows a woman raped and tortured to death. Note the deep bayonet-inflicted incisions on the upper right thigh and the horrendous bruises on the left thigh. Note the blood-soaked vaginal area, were she had apparently been raped with a bayonet. Note that her left leg had been severed below the knee.

Another woman raped to death,

Thrown on a pile of other raoe victims by the Vodka-soaked Russian Subhumans. It is interesting to note, that the Russian troops who acted thusly, were practically all Asiatic, Mongolian hordes.

Horrors like these were visited 8 years later upon the German women of the eastern provinces by the thousands.

Hard as it is to believe, the Russian hordes, under Jewish direction, behaved even more abominably toward the German women (aged 8 to 80) in Prussia, Silesia and Pomerania, even though no one has ever claimed ( And believe me, they would have LOVED to) that German soldiers mistreated Russian or Polish or any other women, much less children, at any time in the war.

Отсюда http://www.germancross.com/WarCrs/WarCrs.htm

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