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Штрихи к портрету

Владимир Мосс о митр.Антонии Сурожском. Официальный ответ государственной регистратуры Брайтона, Великобритания, относительно судьбы личного состояния Энтони Блюма

I have obtained a photocopy of the Decision of the District Probate Registry of Brighton, United Kingdom concerning the destination of the estate of Anthony Bloom. It shows that he had no will, and so his very large estate - £354,242 net - went to an unknown woman. The decision states:
"Be it known that ANTHONY BLOOM
of Russian Cathedral Ennismore Gardens London SW7
died on the 4th day of August 2003
domiciled in England and Wales INTESTATE
AND IT BE FURTHER KNOWN that Administration of all the estate which by law devolves to and vests in the personal representative of the said deceased was granted by the High Court of Justice on this date to
ROXANNE COGAN of 680 Imperial Drive Pacifica CA 94044 United States of America
It is hereby certified that it appears from information supplied on the application for this grant that the gross value of the said estate in the United Kingdom amounts to £366,489 and the net value of such estate amounts to £354,242
DATED the 18th day of March 2005
Extracted by S. ABRAHAM 290a Ewell Road Surbiton Surrey KT6 7AQ

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