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От архиеп.Григория Денверского...

...сегодня по почте на редакционный адрес "Романитаса" свалилось вот это. Время какое-то не спокойное, все волнуются, хмм...

To the Synod of Bishops of the Russian Orthodox Autonomous Church

Greetings from Archbishop Gregory of Denver and Colorado.

I have read the account of what has happened to Metropolitan Valentine,
Archbishop Seraphim and also Matushka Anastasia with sorrow.

I have read the publicized account of the meeting on October 1/14 of the
Synod, where you list the deliberate events of persecution against
Metropolitan Valentine. You described there how the church houses in Suzdal
were buglarized, how the intent of the beating of the Metropolitan was to
possibly end his life, how the Moscow Patriarchate is systematically
conducting a campaign of slander against the Metropolitan, how the rules of
the constitution of the Russian Federation are being violated, how churches
cannot be established, how the lay people and the priests are harassed, and
finally how the Moscow Patriarchate has assigned certain people to destroy
the ROAC.

Bishops of the ROAC: is it possible that you have forgotten what happened
here in America a little over one year ago, how Metropolitan Valentine came
here and was treating me the same way you are being treated now; - how he
persecuted me; how he slandered me; how he falsely accussed me of bribing
him with $40,000 at one time, and at another time with $30,000? Did you
forget that he tried to destroy my episcopacy by suspending and 'retiring'
me completely without canonical cause; how he openly threatened to take
everything and everybody I have; how he uncanonically came into my diocese
and stole my clergy? Have you forgotten that he accused me of forgery; have
you forgotten that he accuses me of having a false understanding of baptism,
when he himself received a priest from Haiti with about 200 people into the
Church without baptism? Did you forget your protocols 48 and 49? And there
are many other deplorable things he did to persecute me, and I appealed to
you for help, and what was your response? You announced that you are not in
communion with me.

Now I ask you before God: Have all the terrible tragedies, from the loss of
souls in Haiti, to the loss of the priests in America, to the renewed
persecution in Russia, happened to the ROAC because of Metropolitan
Valentine's complete disregard for canonical order and his persecution of
faithful under my omophorion? What have you gained by trying to destroy and
persecute the innocent? You have lost practically everything in America.
This should reveal to you very clearly the divine displeasure of your

I call upon you all before God to make a complete repentance. You must
re-examine your actions and those of Metropolitan Valentine, and understand
that there is neither any bishop whose authority is above the canons, nor is
there any bishop who is immune from correction. You must repent before God
of this sin against the unity of the Church.

May God help you.

+Archbishop Gregory

October 29/November 11, 2005

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