Антоний Александрович Рейнеке-Григорьев (antonio_rg) wrote,
Антоний Александрович Рейнеке-Григорьев

Déjà vu

"Дейли Мейл" (Лондон), 24 Июня 2016

"After decades of moaning, Germany has finally promised to accept Geoff Hurst's disputed 1966 World Cup final goal - if we vote to stay in the EU. German newspaper Bild made 11 pledges to the UK if we vote Remain. It wrote: 'We'll acknowledge the Wembley goal. We'll stop making jokes about Prince Charles's ears. We'll stop using sun cream on the beach out of solidarity with your sunburn. We'll reserve a place with our towels for you on the hotel sun-longer. We'll introduce tea breaks. We'll turn our clocks bak an hour to be in sync with you. We'll do without a goalie in penalty shoot-outs with you to make it a bit more excity. We'll send (Germany's football manager) Joachim Low to guard your Crown Jewels. We'll introduce an EU regulation banning a frothy head on beer. We'll all come along to the Queen's 100th birthday. We'll willingly provide the villain in every Bond film.'"

Ничего не напоминает? Ах, немцы неисправимые англофилы. И все то же самое они говорили британцам в 1930-х годах. Это какие-то неравные отношения неразделенной любви, из-за которых летит в тар-тарары весь окружающий мир)

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