Антоний Александрович Рейнеке-Григорьев (antonio_rg) wrote,
Антоний Александрович Рейнеке-Григорьев



Babushka* from our courtyard

Babushka* - an old Russian lady.
This babushka is an absolutely unique phenomenon for a big city! She somehow keeps a tradition of bright, full of flowers and colours Russian national gown. She makes it from modern wear, combining double-squirts, Pavlovo-Posad shawls and rubber shoes.

The left sketch is a winter variant (done in March), the right one - spring variant (done today). I can't see her face, because she rushes from home very early in the morning (to wake up early is one more traditional thing for a country side person). And I see her back only! Look, how she combines the colour :)


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